The art of science is to do something scientific in an artful, craft like, way. Crafting a PhD thesis is, I believe, like carving a piece of wood, which can transform at the hands of a master into a perfect master-cabinet, a Kiss or a into the perfection itself like in Brâncuși’s Miss Pogany. continue reading please click on the photo above.

Not long ago, it was in March 2013, in fact, that I met the Perjovschis at the Romanian Culture Centre in London. Dan’s artwork (below) speaks of the times when Romanian and Bulgarians were unwelcomed in the UK, and the topic is more relevant now, then it was then. Only that now, it is a puzzle-problem for all EU citizens. Will freedom of movement be as free, after June 2016?
The Working Paper, ‘Half-in, Half-out’, in which I addressed the uncertainty of Romanian and Bulgarians in the EU, was published later on continue reading please click on the photo above.

I am a mother of a three year old but she’s with my parents back in Romania. It’s difficult being here on my own, it gets lonely, you know. I send money back to my family in Romania. There are about 11 people who are relying me for money. But it’s difficult because work has been slow lately…. 
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photo by voichi judele | 2016 © lightsparks creatives
Invisible Lives: Romanian Night Workers in London (UK, 2013), the Romanian Cultural Centre Roundtable Project winner, will be screened at Cities After Hours Colloquiumorganised and hosted by the UCL | SELCS. The co-directors, Timothy Marrinan, and Iulius-Cezar Macarie, will be present for the Q&A session after the screening.

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