I am Julius-Cezar MacQuarie and I am an anthropologist. I received my PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology from Central European University (CEU) where I am affiliated with the Centre for Policy Studies. As a former INTEGRIM Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions fellow, my doctoral research focused on cooperation in the contemporary capitalist regime that demands and depends on the invisibilised lives of bio-automaton migrants working round-the-clock.
nightsparks of london was born out of my doctoral research. 

I carried out multi-sited nocturnal ethnographies in Budapest, Istanbul, London, Milano and Sofia. I produced short films (‘Invisible Lives: Romanian Night Shift Workers in London’, UK, 2013) | ‘Nocturnal Lives: Day Sleepers’, UK, 2015) and podcasts (NightWorkPod, CEU Podcasts, Budapest, 2018) for research and teaching on issues related to migrants working the night shift. Watch the trailer of The Sleepless Bat

Let's shake the world gently, together. 

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"No film remains unfinished." - Werner Herzog, (MasterClass, 2016)
"No story is left behind" - NightSparks.

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