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NightWorkPod: A Podcast About Working the Night Shift
NightWorkPod is a podcast about working the night shift and not about night life. However, it includes references to the latter in a global city that never sleeps, with its revellers and party-goers sustained and maintained night-by-night by those who work, at night - glocturnal people. The workers whom appear in the NightWorkPod are the folks who keep these cities awake, spinning at an incessant speed and consuming round-the-clock, night-in, day-out.
N!ghtworkpod: A podcast about working the n!ght shift | London’s, glocturnal cities’ ‘other workers’ series | Episode  nº2 | TRANSCRIPT | August 2018​​​​​​​
First episode of the nightworkpod (NWP) Releases on 27.05.2018
In this episode, Julius-Cezar introduces the listeners to a world of work that is invisible to the diurnal eye and inaudible to the nocturnal sleeper. Ger Duijzings, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Regensburg, joins the host to talk about his Nightlaboratory project. Two other guests, Jeff (a London night bus driver), and one community outreach staff working with street sex workers in East London, give their views and share their experiences of working the night shift.
Nightlaboratory Milano
Nightlaboratory Milano (2016) Workshop | Reviewed by Anita de Donato

Co-director of Invisible Lives (Uk, 2013), Julius-Cezar MacQuarie interviewed by Mihai Andrei Leaha for ASTRA Film Festival, October, 2014, Sibiu, Romania.
Introducing my proposed PhD research in Sociology and Social Anthropology, at the central european university (2014) 

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